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16.08.2019 - 01.09.2019Sion Festival

Sion Festival
2019 Edition

For the seventh consecutive year, Pavel Vernikov will propose an outstanding level programm where the artistic quality will compete with major international events. Pavel Vernikov will invite famous artits who arleady impress the public of the Sion Festival and introduce new performances with exceptional musicians.

For its 55th edition most of the concerts will be hold in the Ferme-Asile. The Sion Festival team and Pavel Vernikov look forward to share this great adventure with their partners and audience !


Dates de la manifestationDu 16.08.2019 au 01.09.2019
Catégorie Festivals - Musique - Concerts - Cinéma
Musique classique - Musique de chambre - Opéra
Pays Suisse
Canton Valais
Ville1950 Sion
Lieu Sion Festival
Horaires particuliers
Âge conseilléTous âges
Site internethttp://www.sion-violon-musique.ch/